I’m Laura Elyse, a self-confessed design junkie. I like beautiful things, and I like putting beautiful things together.

Stylish home décor makes my heart race, as do art installations and sunny Spring days. My signature style is feminine and romantic. I find that lots of soft and relaxed modern pastel tones make me feel happy. But I’m always happy when I’m creating.

I work from my home studio in Melbourne where I live with my two kids, two dogs and a cat (full house, I know). I started working for myself in 2016 with just a handful of clients. Since then, with heaps of positive reviews, Laura Elyse Designs has been growing steadily. I collaborate when I need to, with art directors, copywriters and other designers and I’m always learning. I’m passionate about creating hard working brand identities for hard working businesses.

I love what I do, and I feel lucky to do it.

Some fun facts about me:
I am an INFJ in Myer-Briggs and Type 4 (The Individualist) on the Enneagram.
My favourite colour is pink.
Dessert is my favourite meal of the day.

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